Collaborations for Wellness Professionals

A client of mine lost 20 lbs. and 4% body fat with the TLS Weight Loss Solution.

The next time she saw her endocrinologist, he wanted to know what happened. She sent him to me, and now he’s one of my business partners.

For personal trainers and other fitness instructors, it adds a nutritional component to your practice for which your clients will thank you.
For doctors and other medical staff, it makes your practice more holistic—and proactively preventative. It also provides answers to the questions they have about weight loss, health supplements, and the like.
If you’re a wellness or medical professional, let’s plot together for your second income. We can integrate our wellness programs into your practice and help your patients and clients not only stay healthy between visits, but be truly well, versus simply “not sick.”

If you like what you read, but it’s not specifically for you, contact me anyway. I have a vast network, and we can probably brainstorm a contact for you, or start figuring out a solution.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming part of my non-competitive network, contact me.

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