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Due to my decade-long experience of working with clients, I have gained insight into the health and food industry and the how-tos of building a business.” 

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How to Stay Healthy While Staying Social

Being your own wellness advocate after the pandemic

Your friends want to have a night out now that the end to the pandemic is finally in sight. YAY!! Oh, wait…but…ugh.

GMO? Organic? Local? Screw It?

No Matter Which Grocery Store We Go To…

it seems like we are bombarded with a plethora of labels on our produce and other groceries.

Why Screen Time Means Worse Sleep

And How You Can Change It

I couldn’t help but scream as I frustratingly tossed and turned; I was exhausted, but just couldn’t get the shuteye I so desperately needed. I tried everything: I counted sheep….

Three Changes for the Perfect Bikini Body

 Spoiler: No fad diets involved

Endless pictures of people with all the right curves in all the right places…as I scroll on Instagram, it feels like every other post is telling me to get ready for summer by working on my bikini body.

It's Not What To Eat...
It's How To Eat!

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