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If you’ve ever failed on a diet, it’s not your fault. It’s not that you have no willpower, set your goals too high, or are destined to be overweight forever. And it says nothing about your value as a human being.

Most diets—including fad diets—aren’t built to last a lifetime. They’re one-size-fits-all quick fixes: too heavy on deprivation, and too light on what’s realistic and nutritious. Most of all, they’re not even chemically viable.

It’s simple. The ideal food provides balance, nourishment, and satisfaction (with the help of well-chosen supplements). It’s easily digested—not leave you bloated, or with unstoppable cravings. It’s geared toward what you accept, enjoy, and metabolize well. And it complements your level of activity—and your lifestyle.

The TLS Weight Loss Solution does all of that—in 12 life-altering weeks. It wakes you up—makes you ultra-aware of what you’re ingesting, while presuming you’re not some dieting saint. It debunks tall tales about “good” and “bad” food choices. It shows you how to outsmart cravings, and gives you clarity about which foods are best for you—and why. It leaves no stone—nutrition, antioxidants, inflammation, immunity, energy, or rest—unaddressed. And it turns you from a lifelong dieter—into a person who makes optimal choices for life.

If you’re ready to invest as little as $10 a month (plus access and supplies) to change your life, contact me to discuss the best approach for you. For $10/month, you get online support. For $300/month, you get a one-hour private session every week. And there’s group coaching in between.

Watch to learn more about TLS Weight Loss Solution.

To learn about TLS Shape Up! our kids and family program, click here. (Warning: You’ll need the tissues for these videos!)

Nutritional Supplements

Sleep and exercise are natural antioxidants—as are colorful fruits and vegetables, like berries.

Omega 3 fatty acids tamper inflammation, decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

But there’s only so much salmon, greens, or berries you can eat. To get really proactive about fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation, you would go for nothing short of true wellness, instead of addressing illness and disease. You’d get the rest, sleep, and nourishment you need—from some of the best quality, customizable supplements money can buy. These supplements can:

  • Improve your mood
  • Improve your energy
  • Improve your cognitive function
  • Guard against viruses and colds
  • Fight free radicals—slowing aging
  • Balance the proportion of Omegas in your body (most of us are out of balance).
  • Relieve everyday aches/pains that don’t have to be a part of your life, such as joint pain
  • Provide the most “healthful” insurance plan a person can buy

 If you’re ready to see how I can help you build vibrant health from the inside-out, contact me for a consultation.

Cosmetics and Skincare

You’ve got undereye circles that are swelling by the day. Your crow’s feet are developing new branches.

I can help with that, too. I carry impressive eye cream. Topical antioxidants that crank back time. And I carry makeup. Rosy blush. Powerful mascara. The stuff that earns me compliments from strangers. 

As a nutritional supplements expert, I help create your beautiful being from the inside-out. If you’re ready to browse my catalog of beauty miracles, contact me for a consultation. 


you like what you read, but it’s not specifically for you, contact me anyway. I have a vast network, and we can brainstorm a contact for you, or start figuring out a solution.

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