2024 Resolution Revolution

Welcome to Resolution Revolution!

I’m Jenn Trepeck, your health coach, here to help you make the most of 2024 and stick to your wellness resolutions!

Over the course of 6 months, beginning January 23, 2024, we’ll meet every other week to learn the nutrition education we’re all supposed to know, yet no one ever taught us!

It is this curriculum that changed my life completely and allowed me to kick my food issues.

We’ll start by understanding low-glycemic impact eating, how to read nutrition labels, how to improve metabolism, the role of exercise, planning, and even dining out–because we can have our health, and our lives too!

Then, we’ll focus on habits, believing in ourselves, overcoming obstacles and self-doubt, managing stress, focusing on sleep, and how to measure & assess our results to make this a lifestyle.

We’ll meet together as a group 2x per month, and if you register before January 1, 2024, you’ll get a bonus 1-on-1 with me each month of the program.

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Weight Management Package

The perfect package for those looking to make a
change in body composition and remove excess fat!

With This Package Your Get:

six payments of $515 ($3,090)


Optimal Wellness Package

For those who are curious about health and wellness information,
but don't have weight to lose let's say and want to focus on overall health and improved energy

With This Package Your Get:

six payments of $465 ($2,790)



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