Run Your Own Business: Become a Podcast Manager in 90 Days!

The podcast industry is booming and can hardly keep up with the demand of people needed to help podcasters with their existing shows. They often need someone to manage things; from booking guests, to writing podcast show notes, to the marketing and distribution of their podcast. Not to mention the number of people around the world whose goal is to launch a podcast and have no idea where to start. 

The question is not whether there are enough clients out there. The most difficult part of this journey is knowing where to begin. 

Fortune 500 Business Strategist and Internationally Recognized Podcast Expert, Traci DeForge has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs work remotely, have flexibility and balance, ditch the 9-5, and become successful entrepreneurs for over 29 years. Her track record is beyond inspirational. More importantly, it includes starting, building and selling multiple businesses along with launching and operating one of the most successful Global businesses in the podcasting space.

Join Traci and coaches Jenny Nicoll and Holly DePfyffer! Our Podcast Manager Certificate is a proven step-by step program designed for you to be able to meet this ever-growing demand after completing our 12 weeks certification program. You’ll learn every skill, strategy and mindset hack to achieve your ideal lifestyle of freedom and balance while working from home in a business you love.

No worries, we know full well the challenges of actually running your own business. Our team provides support for a full 6 months to ensure you are empowered to grow your business and stay on a path to achieve your goals of launching an online business while balancing the demands of life. 

How do we know it works? Because we’re teaching you all our proven strategies that led our parent company Produce Your Podcast to global success. 

No more frustration trying to figure everything out on your own. We’ll support and guide you, so you can enjoy working remotely with a FUN career that’s flexible, financially freeing and fulfilling!

Ready to get started? The course starts every 6 weeks! Learn how to register here or contact Jenn for more information!


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